UP Board Scrutiny Process, Online Form, Fees & Result

Every year, the UP Board exam for class 10th and 12th is conducted by Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP). The board exam is usually conducted in the months of February and March. After the successful completion of the exam, the exam is typically announced in the next 2 to 3 months.

When students take their board exams, like the 10th and 12th-grade exams, and receive the result, sometimes students might feel that their marks (scores) in the scorecard aren’t accurate or fair. In that scenario, students go for other options and want a second look or a review of their exam papers. This entire process of rechecking of the answer sheet is termed as the “Result Scrutiny Process”.

This scrutiny process is available to students to avoid any error in the result and dissatisfaction of the students that maybe they are not scored as per their performance for some reason. It is a double check to ensure that the grading was done correctly.

How does the Scrutiny Process work for UP Board Results?

Here’s how it works:

  • Application: If any student isn’t satisfied with their exam result, they can apply for the Result Scrutiny Process. For this, they have to fill out an application form, available on the official website, mentioning which paper they want to be re-checked.
  • Fees: There’s usually a small fee to apply for this scrutiny process.
  • Re-evaluation: After the application and fee, the board authorities will assign the student’s exam paper to a new evaluator or examiner to re-check the answers. These new examiners are not the same ones who originally graded the papers. The evaluators don’t know the student’s identity, either, to make sure the re-evaluation is fair.
  • Marks Update: During the re-checking process, the new examiners find any mistakes or overlooked marks, then the student’s marks are updated accordingly. This could lead to an increase in their overall marks obtained in the exam, but occasionally this could be the reason for decreased marks as well. File scrutiny process only if you are confident that the score provided is not up to your performance in the examination.
  • Final Result: After the re-evaluation is done, the student will receive a new result. This result could be the same as the original result if nothing changes during the evaluation process, or it could be higher if additional marks are awarded.

UP Board Scrutiny Process Fee Charges

In the UP Board Scrutiny Process, if students want to get their exam papers re-evaluated to make sure their marks are accurately presented in the scorecard, they need to pay a fee, decided by the board. This UP board scrutiny fee is Rs. 500/- for each subject they would like to be re-evaluated. So, in case a student is unhappy with their marks shown in the result in two subjects and wants both of them to be re-checked, they would need to pay Rs. 1000/- in total. This fee is used to cover the costs of getting a new evaluator to re-check the papers to ensure fairness and accuracy in mark allotment.

How to Apply for UP Board Scrutiny Process

If any candidate from the UP board is willing to apply for the scrutiny process, they can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: First, visit the official website of UPMSP, i.e.,
  • Step 2: On the Home Page, click on ‘UP Board 10, 12 Answer Sheet Scrutiny Link’.
  • Step 3: Provide the required details in UP Board Scrutiny Online Application Form.
  • Step 4: Pay the UPMSP re-evaluation fee.
  • Step 5: Check all the details again to make sure there are no error and then, submit the Scrutiny Form.
  • Step 6: Download a copy of the UP Board Scrutiny Form and keep it safe on your device.
  • Step 7: Candidates need to send the UPMSP Scrutiny Form through Speed Post only.

Note: The UP Board scrutiny application form has to be sent to the board office by registered post only. But before sending via post or courier, it is important to fill out the application form online as well; otherwise the application will not be accepted by the board.

It is also significant to note that the Result Scrutiny Process doesn’t guarantee that your marks will change in the final result. Sometimes, after a careful re-evaluation, the marks remain the same. But for some students, this scrutiny process gives them a chance to ensure that they’ve received the marks as per their performance.

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The UP Board Scrutiny Process is a helpful tool for all those students who want to make sure their exam marks are correct and fair. After the announcement of the 10th and 12th-grade results of the Uttar Pradesh Board, some students might feel their marks aren’t fair. That’s when the scrutiny process comes into the picture as a second chance for those students. This process requires them to fill out a form and pay a fee, which is Rs. 500/- for each subject they want re-checked. But remember, the marks after the re-evaluation might stay the same too. This process is there to help those students who think they might not be awarded fairly. Filing an application form for the scrutiny process does not guarantee any sure shot increase in the marks.